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Interpretation: choose the right formula

Several different types of interpreting services are possible:

  • Whispered interpreting:

Whispered interpretation or «whispering » is a real-time translation of speech. The speaker and all participants speak normally, without pausing, and the interpreter translates to his/her client in a low voice, whispering what is being said at the meeting. This is an efficient and open method which requires no technical equipment.

  • Consecutive interpreting:

Consecutive (or conference) interpreting is mostly used at business meetings, negotiations, or interviews where the attending audience usually shares a single language while the speaker is of a different tongue. The interpreter notes the main points of the speech in writing, then translates the different portions to recreate the entire speech in the target language.

  • Liaison interpreting:

Liaison interpreting is frequently used as a link between two parties who do not speak the same language. The interpreter translates sequences of a few sentences within a small-size group, usually back and forth between the two languages. Unlike consecutive interpretation, in liaison interpreting there is no note-taking. It is a fairly spontaneous form of communication which offers flexibility to the persons present and slightly extends the time of the meeting.

  • Simultaneous interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting is the most advanced and complex interpreting option from a technical point of view. It is mostly used as part of symposia, conferences, large-scale work meetings or events with a multiple-language audience. The interpreter must be set up in a soundproof booth equipped with a console unit including a microphone and earphones. From this isolated booth, the interpreter listens to the speech through the earphones (headset) and translates it simultaneously into a microphone that is connected to the audience’s earphones in the conference room. This type of interpreting requires that two interpreters be hired so that they can relay each other every 20 minutes because of the extreme concentration it requires.

Our agency offers a turnkey service whereby we take care of installing the entire sound system in the room (loudspeakers, microphones, mixing consoles…), providing all the necessary equipment (booths, control panels, wireless headsets) and also performing audio recordings of meetings if required.

Our service includes:

  • Upstream on-site preparation work to ensure that the equipment fits the environment
  • Installation and logistics
  • Technical assistance during the event.

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