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La Traduction Médicale - Quality Charter

Our translations are entrusted to professional linguists and undergo systematic quality checks.
La Traduction Médicale is responsible toward all of its clients for providing them with work of excellent quality. Our collaborators all adhere to our Quality Charter.


  1. Our goal:
  • To ensure high quality standards.
  • To ensure respect for all the parties involved: clients, collaborators and suppliers.


  1. Our principles:
  • Quality in both the content and the form of our translations.
  • Integrity in our work and business management policy.


  1. Our philosophy:
  • Instil a sense of responsibility in all involved through clear communication and compliance with the translation industry’s requirements.
  • Develop high performance by setting clear priorities and ensuring strict controls.
  • Strive for continuous improvement while preserving timelines and confidentiality.


  1. Our commitments:
  • Listen to our clients and understanding their needs by establishing a relationship based on cooperation.
  • React to the client’s requests energetically and efficiently.
  • Ensure optimal quality by striving for excellence at all times.
  • Set a professional standard by continuously developing our areas of competence.
  • Respect our commitments.

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