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Our collaborators

Our translators are all professional physicians, pharmacists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, etc. We also have veterinarians, legal experts, engineers (for medical equipment), accountants (for pharmaceutical rate charts and accountancy documents) and marketing specialists. They always work into their native tongue, and their work is reviewed by linguists who also work into their native tongue to verify that each translation is accurate and true to its original.

All our collaborators are bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure data protection.

Our services also include:

  • Software skills allowing us to work in any format (more…)
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements on clinical documentation (more…) including: :
    • Multiple revisions and updates with the option of showing tracked changes between one version and the next (if allowed by the format).
    • Standard wording of clinical documentation submission letters or texts sent to physicians, etc… in all languages.
    • Precision and conciseness of expression including careful proofreading, verification of terminology, respect of quoted references.

We develop relations with regulatory authorities and registering institutions in major countries (FDA, EMA, BfArM…) in order to update our knowledge of the various administrative requirements.

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